I have always been of the thought that to truly understand a word, understand it beyond the string of letters that make up the words that define it, to understand not only its formal definition but the thoughts and feelings that it elicits within, it is crucial to understand its opposite. To know love, you must know hate. To know joy, you must know suffering. And, much like how a chain is but as strong as its weakest link, one’s understanding of something, anything, is based entirely on how well one understands both it and its opposite.

I dunno, just me, I guess. They’re so intrinsically tied together, sharing part of each other’s very definition. Where else in life can you find relationships like that?

Similarly, the more intimate a relationship (ie: marriage over dating over friendship etc. ) the stronger, faster, and more quickly they can enrage you. That kind of duality is… poetic. Just a thought…


One thought on “Opposites

  1. Rachel says:

    🙂 very nice

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