What ‘intolerance to heat’ means

I’m going to take a step away from being a shiny ball of happy for just a moment (it actually hurts me to think that I’m going to offend people in doing so). I’m gonna do it anyway and if I’m incorrect in any of the assertions I make, I honestly mean it when I say ‘I’m sorry’ in advance.

If one more person tells me that heat & humidity affects them ‘the same way’ as it affects me, I might just lose it (the idea, people, is that this blog post will act as my catharsis for the repeated twinge of frustration I’ve been experiencing of late). It bothers me when people say ‘they know’ or that ‘they feel the same’ when dealing with hot & humid conditions. It bothers me because I’m fairly certain that most people have either no or quite possibly less than no idea what I mean when I make reference to my intolerance of heat and humidity.

A good friend of mine once referred to my disorder as ‘the snowflake disease’. He’s kind of right; while from one case to the next there are similarities, like snowflakes, no two cases are exactly the same (another big-fat-middle -finger from life…). This can be explained simply – no two immune systems are exactly the same. And that’s just it – people need to understand the difference between things that are ‘similar’ and things that are the ‘same’

Your own personal intolerance to sticky, hot conditions, while almost certainly unpleasant, is not the ‘same’ as it is for me. There is truth to the fact that everyone’s nerves conduct less efficiently in the aforementioned conditions. There is truth that there are other things that can cause intolerance that I will never understand. Feel free to create your own blog to bitch about it. This one’s mine.

Next time I’m bitching about heat, humidity, or the like, word your response carefully. Sure, it might suck for you too. I’m not trying to devalue or discount how others are feeling, but am instead trying to enhance your understanding of mine. Yes, I feel for others too. But when it’s hot, do you have problems standing long enough to pull up your pants after taking a leak? Does your eyesight go from 20/20 to 12/20? Are you unable to lift the fork from your plate to your mouth and forced instead to eat with your hands as they waver back and forth uncontrollably?

Perhaps you have difficulty dealing with hot & humid. Perhaps your difficulty is greater than mine. But I somehow doubt you’re the ‘same’ as me.


3 thoughts on “What ‘intolerance to heat’ means

  1. Tonni DuMoulin says:

    Good for you for speaking out – it has always astounded me when people say
    “I know just how you feel.” or “Oh, everyone is like that some time or other.”

    I have a very minor disability that I have learned to ‘cope with’,work around, and camouflage (has to do with brain activity).

    I have stopped over time, trying to explain what occurs for me – because of the automatic assumption that everyone experiences the same things that I do.

    They have no idea how difficult it is for me, some days, just to focus and concentrate.

    I am not feeling sorry for myself – I am a very valuable human being. Some days are much harder than others.

    I really like the snowflake analogy.
    It applies to everyone.

    Thanks for speaking up – and thanks for listening.


    People say things without thinking – and

  2. Ally says:

    Do you have air conditioning? Does it help?

    • wakingseconds says:

      I do – 2 of them, actually, which is kind of overkill for a 666 sq. ft. apartment. But the post was just me bitching. Via blog.

      Would you call that ‘blitching’? 🙂


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