I’m Studying What I Always Knew

When I read the words, a smile spread across my face.I knew someone must’ve come up with that idea well before me. I have a strong belief that ‘awareness’ should be brought to it for everyone reading my lame, geeky ‘lesson-of-the-day’ – because I believe it helps you get to know people around you. The crux is this: people deal with things within the scope of their own experience. That is to say that every decision you make is based, in-part, on every decision you’ve made.

I’m taking a Media in Canada class and it has me captivated. In its first section, we broke down an abstract of a typical communication model. I‘ve attached a picture. The idea is that there are two sides to every communication you undergo. That could be something of the 1-way variety (meaning you cannot communicate directly with it, like an ad or a commercial), others could be something as simple (or complex) as a discussion with a friend of yours – everything we do involves some form of communication.

The way that abstract breaks down part of the RECEPTION side of the communications process is at the very bottom of the decoding process. Once the message (the ad, the opinion a friend has vis-à-vis something you two are discussing, etc.) is received, it gets broken down into context of consumption, meaning essentially that you are exercising your right to choose. You choose which parts of the communication were most meaningful to you (which could quite possibly be the complete opposite of what the sender intended). The theory makes you realize that (arguably) our understanding of everything is based on the choices we make, which are based on the choices we’ve made.

There are different ways of saying it – ‘it’s all relative’, I called it ‘the scope’ of your experiences, the idea doesn’t change – we contextualize based on our world. Our world is shaped by everything that has happened to us. Everything that’s happened to us is broadly based on how we communicate.

Good to know I was on the right track…

One thought on “I’m Studying What I Always Knew

  1. Michael J says:

    You should read Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky if you haven’t already.

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