It’s more than just a song by one of my favourite bands–keeping myself grounded lately has been, shall we say, trying. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but put yourself in my shoes for just a moment. I’ve lived an unexceptional, extremely normal, and very low-key life, for the most part. I have yet to grow into a Nobel laureate, I’ve yet to make an indelible impact on society at large, and I’ve yet to be the harbinger of World-peace that I am in the ‘imaginary-world-I-live-in-on-the-odd-weekend’. None of it makes much of a difference, apparently.

$17,675. Incredibly, this number crept up on me -before we were even half-way through the fundraising events we’ve planned. It has left me perplexed, bewildered, and at a loss–a loss for the right words to appropriately express the depth of my gratitude. At a loss to find the best way to reciprocate the unbelievable, at times frightening generosity pouring in–from folks I know, folks my folks know, folks whom I’ve never even met, it’s enough to make my head grow even fatter than it was prior to the ‘Fix-Me’ run I’ve been on for the past month.

With many thanks to Steve and Rich P. for hosting a kick-ass party, and to Theratech for their generous contributions–from buying little chocolate bars at the office to the literal outpouring from every level, and to Lana Lee Fashions, who helped make the night a success. Thanks to my Aunts, my Uncles, my cousins, my in-laws, and at the ‘grassroots level’, thanks to my sisters–the whimsical trifecta they form when assembled is virtually unstoppable. Thanks to Enotech Mozza for their generously unsolicited support. Thanks to Casa Grecque and the crew there for helping turn the night into a success. thanks to ‘Mark-of-the-own-paragraph’! Thanks to my friends, from so many different parts of my life — from elementary school, high school, the troubling years post high school, etc. Thanks to my grandma, who sadly, I forgot to thank in my speech at the restaurant… I think we’re still cool, she never seems to stay mad at me! And thanks, of course, to my darling mother, without whom much of that evening would have been impossible.

So hard to remember everyone… if I forgot you, I am sorry! You’ll just have to take it up on blind faith that you are in my heart!

$5,439.00. That’s what we brought in — nay, that’s what YOU brought in. This brings my fundraising total to $17,675 thus far. I am humbled. I am overwhelmed. I can’t believe that we’re still not done… and that there may be even more in the works than I had originally anticipated! The “Durso Fundraising Campaign” is hittin’ the road! A very close friend of the family, Mark Gross, has generously volunteered to help organize a fundraising evening at Caffe Crema in Bridlecrest. My Western friends have been asking how they can help; here’s the perfect opportunity! The dates are still to be confirmed, but it’ll be an evening for good friends to get together with some good coffee, some good live music, and all for a ‘good’ cause (I guess that characterization is arguable…).

I will warn everyone once again — I was unable to incorporate a charitable foundation in my name, thus negating my ability to hand out tax receipts for any donations. On top of that, the donations must be made to me personally; either a personal cheque, if you bank online, an e-mail money transfer is always a quick, easy, and safe way to send money (and one which also doesn’t require me to go into a bank… always a plus with my mobility issues), or a direct transfer through TD Bank to me (if this is the manner in which you would like to contribute, just get in touch with me and we can set something up).

More details will follow, and a formal event will be posted soon… keep your eyes open. I’ll be in Calgary before you know it, and while I cannot whirlwind like I used to, I’m pretty sure we’re in for a rocking good time nonetheless.

Again, to everyone and anyone that had anything to do with the success of the “Lemonade Stand Gala Dinner” — thank you, thank you, thank you!