How I respond to criticism

And im left with this arguably obscure url in

My frugality has a rough time with any and all waste. This leaves me thinking about the whole 20$ I spent with a few clicks on the WordPress website, and how I it waste by definition.  People seem to enjoy the stuff I post here. My experience leads me to believe that it does some good–as with many, and definitely for me (I suppose then that it is my blog.) I decided to throw a url and see if it was available. It was, and so, I started writing about my socks, as i was facing a challenge. My Mother indoctrinated my manner of thinking, and she is sure to agree (I think?), when faced with a challenge, it’s just another opportunity.  I figured out the socks thing. The elation I experience when I roll one sock into the other brings me such joy (I just signed a lifetime contract to fold socks for life–and that makes so very satisfied.  Standing to pee is but a question of time.  For the last 7 years, I have been willing to do anything and everything to fight my overall disease. I thought I would have to deal with problems sequentially (also why as far as disease with no known cure, MS is kind of neat.  Look, I suppose when you’re in the box, you are free to comment on it. I like the fact that I have a once monthly meeting with an incredibly well educated man with an unparalleled level of patience in my neurologist,  Dr. Lapierre. I’ve known his name my entire life (dad was dx in 1985, I was born in 1983.) Since my dx date, I’ve met with or been treated by something like 45 specialists in 2 countries and 45 provinces.  When I meet someone who is well educated and has time to sit with me and help me solve a puzzle,  well, my perception of events is backed by confidence to push forward, to carry on, to solve the f****** puzzle.

Though others may be taken somewhat aback by thos statement,  it rings true for me.

I figured out the socks.  I will stand again to pee. I had a childish reaction to a piece of criticism, and briefly thought “screw this”, but dans-le-fonds, I write for ME. It is something which I was never unable to do. You cannot even imagine how good it is for me! And though I’m hardly a! man of faith, I feel that everyone who has read my “drivel” will likely appreciate the continuation of my blog.  I just need to establish a difference between what is private and what can be shared. Malissa knows how bad I am at drawing that line. She really must love me ( and I’ve her!)

MS walk in May, but the fundraising starts now. Donate, if you’re able to!

2 thoughts on “How I respond to criticism

  1. Shirl says:

    Very pleased the blog will continue. Your perceptions of life are spot on.

  2. Auntie Margie says:

    Correction Andrew, MS walk is in May (hope you stand this criticism).
    Very pleased also that your blog continues. It is a way to stay connected to you and allow you to share as much or as little as you want.
    Love you.

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