This one really resonates


Its all that’s been on my mind of late, if you’ll forgive the unique juxtaposition of words. I have a dearth of ideas running through this diseased head of mine…but I’ll sit on those, more for my sake than yours. Thing is, i know about social protocol, I know to mind my Ps and Qs. Problem is, irrespective of this knowledge, I have little regard for the seemingly inane. My very limited understanding of the human body has lead me to believe that when something makes you happy, irrespective of the what, well that’s quite simply your nerves reacting to stimulus. If you’ll indulge me…

When that song you LOVE comes on the radio, when you smile to yourself from some quip Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert put our on the airwaves, I can only imagine that it is a literal change of state which make your nerves begin to activate. And so, it’s all about the frequency at which your millions of nerve fibers are resonating.  My likely academically incorrect theory is that this resonates through your big, beautiful brain, seeking out some fatty, gooey fold which carries the same frequency,  maybe a memory of some person,  some place,  or some thing which you came across. My theory is that the things stored deeeeeeeep in your brain are simply a series of resonating nerves whose frequency has been stored in your  cool-ass brain. Why is odor the strongest sense tied to memory? Im running with the thought its all about how things resonate with you. If it’s just the right frequency, maybe your thoughts turn to a parent. When I hear the opening riff to “My  Sharona” I think of my big sister,  Rachel.  With less immediacy I think of Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller. This memory is stored way down. Thus, so long as I flex that memory, i begin to recall everything which my mind associated along with it.

The deepest memories are recalled immediately (family). The rest just follows.

Or something.


One thought on “This one really resonates

  1. Auntie Margie says:

    It is something that resonates and gives thought. Thank you for sharing.

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