No, Andrew. It’s just the beginning!

I was just thinking about what seems to me the end of adolescence.  I read recently that adolescence runs to age 24. I guess my story tooka smidge longer. I complain a lot about #myms, but I have been little aside from reliving every moment of what I now see as a 6-ish year relapse.  The cognitive fog, or dissonance I experienced was something…it was something. At some point, I enlisted the help of a brilliant Neurosurgeon to try implanting a device which altered the very resonance of the impulses fired by my brain.  It sort of made me feel not myself. I’ve been rolling this  wheelchair since 2009, I do believe.  Remission brought many things, including the realization that for the first time in my life, I feel strong. I had always felt that the day I began to see, people my age in popular culture, in the media, and just in general, well that would signify the end of my adolescence. And I am happy to affirm that it is here. But wouldn’t you know it, this is just a new jumping off point. I’ve had lots of them, in more than one place. Mom once said I was “6 going on 30”–now I’m here. Finally…

3 thoughts on “No, Andrew. It’s just the beginning!

  1. Diane Durso says:

    Another good post. Thanks Andrew for keeping us aware. Love you xo

  2. Auntie Margie says:

    Nice to hear such positive self-reflection. Love you,

  3. shirl says:

    Good to hear your thoughts, always.

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