Grandma will like this…


I bought a carafe. This was sort  of brought on by my need for cost-effectiveness. Look, fact is,  I drink a lot of coffee. I kind of fill my 7-ounce mug anywhere between 4 or 5 times per day. K-Cups are great,  but $0.60 / cup for coffee at home is ludicrous.  Not wanting to kick my habit,  I splurged on a carafe, the same as my grandma has had for certainly longer than I’ve been alive.

This is not recommended and is a sure substance abuse problem. No medical professional would be okay with this. But it had part in the wonderful parcel of remission that i was handed.  #bestpresentever. I’ve been drinking coffee since age 14ish. I spent a vast amount of time during my development hanging around Dunkin’ Donuts, much to my Mother’s chagrin, mostly because I had little regard for things such as waking for school and all outward appearances stated that I preferred staying up late rather then, oh, I don’t know, sleep and do homework… So I can’t fault her for (anything) thinking that. Meanwhile, I was developing a tolerance to caffeine.

Yeah, that’s how I roll. What Dr. Lapierre had the same look of misunderstanding on his face as a quiet “that’s a lot” escaped from his lips”. . It took 30 years, but I can now say I like my coffee by the carafe.


One thought on “Grandma will like this…

  1. Auntie Margie says:

    You are not the only coffee addict in the family Andrew. I drink about as much as you do.

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