Psychology of #myms

I wanted to throw some words into the ether. #myms has had this lifetime impact for me. I may only have been dx in April 17, 2007, but I am darn sure it’s been there for much longer.

I slid out with this somewhat unique genetic blueprint. I had ample warning–it’s in my family,  after all. All things being equal, I had a backseat ride-along with my Fathers illness. I was able to learn a lot from him. And so it no as no surprise that i was dx’d.

I knew what multiple sclerosis is. I knew how it could impact someone. I knew some of the symptoms. I did a small amount of reading on it. So, when Dr. Patry said “looks love like MS”, I’m no neurologist, but there wad apsychol small bit of sadness upin Dr
Patry’s confirmation of what I already knew.

And so, the psychology behind my dx was more along the lines of vindication.

Thrr is surely a psychology behnd dx, another treatment, a separate one behind surgery…there’s a psychology behind all things…

So I was prepared. The caveat when you diagnosed is this: there isn’t any one person, be they mother or father, sister or brother , neurologist or nurse–they can’t really say what will work for you. Not to say that people will be unable help, but after having gone through it, medical professionals are there to act as”lighthouses” to help you navigate of your illness. I found what is tolerable to my system by looking at both the good and bad things. I just turned my tx into something that resonates with me (based on my development. Things that resonates with me kind of “see past” my stubborn nature. That’s my story. So I suppose the question is “what resonates with you?”