School First!

It’s not just a lame excuse – in the last four or five weeks of my eight week English course, I’ve learnt that, despite what you may think, I really don’t know how to write formally. I know! It came as a shock to me too! Who knew that formal English writing was so very different than this loosey-goosey, creative drivel that I post for other people to read. I’m still doing well. Of the four assignments I’ve turned in so far, I’ve got an A-, a B, and an A+, and one as of yet unknown. But if I had to guess, I’d say somewhere between a B and a B+. While it may not seem that bad, for me, it’s not good enough. I’m back in school to get As. Anything less is unsatisfactory, especially considering I’m taking one class at a time, I’m doing it from home, at my own pace, and am mostly unfettered by external pressures like work. I guess my work has turned into managing my disease. And in all honesty, it really does feel full-time job some days.

To the point…

I struggled with this one, I really did. How could I, in good conscience, ask people for more money, after the unbelievable outpouring of generosity that everyone was so very helpful with last year in getting me down to Costa Rica for the unproven, experimental CCSVI treatment/venoplasty. As the date for the walk grows closer, I was struck with the realization that, for now at least, MS is for life. And until more research is done, it will continue to be so. That research is funded, in majority, by the generosity of people like YOU. My friends, my family, even people I don’t know all too well, you’re all going to have to bear the burden of being asked for money. Once a year. Until there is a cure.

So, as in years past, I humbly ask for “your two cents” – literally. As always, any donations upwards of $20 will be met with a tax receipt to help shave a couple dollars off your 2011 tax return. We are doing something a bit different this year, and are not walking as “The Bad Puns”, and have instead joined forces with a friend of mine, rapidly becoming a good friend, who, like me, is doing her best in an effort to reach the upper echelons of “corporate whoredom”. She successfully solicited corporate sponsorship for our team this year from Reebok, her employer. Respect.

Our team site can be found by clicking the link below, typing my name, then click either “Pledge Me” or “Pledge My Team”. Either works… it all goes to the same place.

click here for our team site!

Since I’ve been “Andrew of the Missing Blog Posts” lately, I suppose that at the same time as asking for money, I should let you all know what’s been up, and how I’m doing.

Just this week, I had one of the best experiences I’ve had since diagnosis; a holistic nutrition company that specializes in working with people with neurological disorders/diseases/problems (Neurotrition) has helped put together a menu, a menu based on my disease, as well as all the medication that I am taking, with the hope that doing the simplest thing, changing the way I eat, will have some beneficial impact on the condition of my health. I’ve given it drugs, pills, injectables, and most recently, have altered my venous system. But all of it to little amelioration in my overall health. And so, I figure, why not do the simplest thing: radically alter my diet. And radical it is… I’m going vegetarian. I’m going organic as often as possible. I’m even leaning into veganism. Me, a guy that used to live in a place nicknamed “Cowtown”, where I ate steak three times a week, and when I wasn’t eating fatty red meats, I was eating horribly processed, packaged meals. At the time, I figured “other people are doing it”. What never came to mind, was that those other people likely did not have a genetic predisposition to a monster of a disease like MS, something which I did.

All I can do is kick myself about it now… and do what I can to change my ways. So, stick around folks, let’s see what altering my intake brings.

As always, here’s hoping…